911 CALL

Before placing 911 call from InnoCaption App

If you choose to place 911 call from InnoCaption App, you need to make sure your phone is connected to data network, 4G or WiFi. You can test connectivity by dialing 9999 from the App, which is location verification service. If it does not show your location information (address) at all, please do not place 911 call from the App. We strongly recommend to place 911 call from your landline telephone or mobile phone dialer.

Please note: In order to use the InnoCaption App to call 911 –

You must allow Location Service in your phone. If you do not know how to do this, please refer to our 911 Call User Guide Here
• Your phone must have simultaneous voice and data (SVD) capability. (For more details, please refer to InnoCaption web site FAQ)
• At the time of making 911 call, your phone must have connection to Data network (4G data network or WiFi). If there is no 4G signal nor WiFi connection, please move to find out better signal location or call 911 from landline telephone or mobile phone dialer.

911 call procedure

When you dial 911 using InnoCaption App, your call will be put ahead of other callers using InnoCaption. Your call will be connected to InnoCaption Emergency Call Center first and will be routed to an appropriate Public Service Answering Point (PSAP). They will ask for your name, location (street address, city, state) and call back number(InnoCaption number) to provide to the PSAP in case the call is dropped.

911 call User Guide

Click here for User Guide.
Click here for Recommendable Phone List

911 call FAQs

1. How does a 911 call from the InnoCaption App work? [+]
When you dial 911 from the InnoCaption App, your call is sent through InnoCaption’s Emergency Answering Service to obtain your information and direct your call to the appropriate 911 center.
When you dial 911 from a landline phone, you are sent directly to a 911 operator. For this reason, dialing 911 from a landline phone remains the quickest way to connect with 911. We strongly recommend that 911 calls be placed from a landline telephone first if available.
2. What if I have call drop during 911 call due to network connectivity failure? [+]
Please place a 911 call immediately from your landline telephone or mobile phone dialer.
3. Will I receive captions? [+]
If you call 911 from InnoCaption App, you will receive captions.
4. Will Emergency Call center be able to identify my location? [+]
Yes. They are able to pull your location based on location information (latitude and longitude) from your smartphone as long as your location service function is enabled.
5. How does InnoCaption App get your location information? [+]
The App picks latitude and longitude information from your smartphone (Android and iPhone).
6. Can I see my location information by InnoCaption App before 911 call? [+]
Open the App and dial 9999. It shows your location on caption screen based on location information from your smartphone.
7. Can I use InnoCaption App without enabling location service? [+]
No. You are not able to use the App. Whenever you turn on the App, you will be asked to enable Location Service on your phone. For how to enable, please refer to 911 call user guide.