At InnoCaption, our greatest motivation and mission is increasing accessibility to as many members of the deaf and hard of hearing community as possible. In that effort,  we recognize that a large portion of the individuals in this country speak English as a second language. In fact, the United States is home to 41 million native Spanish speakers according to census data.

We have heard from many of our users that they would like the ability to have their Spanish phone calls captioned as well. For years, we wanted to implement a Spanish caption option, and with the development of the Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) feature, we were finally able to do that. We are beyond excited to be able to make the InnoCaption app more inclusive for these individuals that can benefit from real-time captioning for mobile calls.

When using the Spanish ASR feature, it is important to keep in mind that for incoming calls, users are not currently able to switch ASR languages mid-call or depending on the caller. This means that users will have to have their ASR feature set to Spanish prior to making a call. To improve this function, our team is actively working on a future update to allow for more seamless transitions between ASR language modes. For now, if you have set your ASR language to Spanish and receive a call in English, we suggest you use our in-call switching feature to change to CART captioning which is always provided in English.

 How to Access Spanish ASR

Make sure you have the latest version of the InnoCaption app downloaded and installed on your smartphone. After opening the app, go to the phone dialer and tap on ENG select Español (ASR Only). While this setting is selected, both outbound and inbound calls on the ASR model will be captioned in Spanish!

If you have any questions regarding accessing the Spanish feature on your InnoCaption app, check out our Help Center article for more information: 

Can I have calls captioned in Spanish?

¿Puedo tener llamadas subtituladas en español?

If you have feedback regarding our Spanish ASR feature or would like to see another language made available for the InnoCaption app, please reach out to us at – we would love to hear from you!