All InnoCaption users benefit from real-time captioning for both inbound and outbound phone calls. While the benefit of this feature for our deaf and hard of hearing users cannot be emphasized enough, there are many features that our users may not be aware of that can greatly improve their InnoCaption experience. Below, we explore a few key features of the InnoCaption app that will help users optimize their accessibility!

Use Landline Phone Audio For Outbound Calls

While InnoCaption is a mobile application, captioning for calls is not restricted to only those placed on your smartphone. Through the “Your Other Phone for Voice” feature, users can view captions on their cell phones while sending the audio of the call to a landline device for their outbound calls. This is key for users that may use conference speakerphones for group calls in their workplace or for those who prefer using their landline handset for better audio quality or comfort on longer phone calls.

Once this feature is set up, you will be presented with the option to send the audio for your call to a saved landline phone number. Once selected, the landline phone will ring and the audio will be connected after picking up the phone. For more details on setting up Your Other Phone for Voice, check out our Help Desk article.

In-Call Caption Switch

With InnoCaption, users have the ability to choose the captioning mode based on their individual accessibility needs. Users can select between:

  • ASR – automated speech recognition
  • CART – a live stenographer

What many don’t know is that, even after you have selected your default caption mode before a call, you also have the option to change modes in-call as your accessibility needs change. During a phone call, there is a “caption mode” button at the top right of the display that will showcase the current mode, whether that be CART (CA) or ASR. Once that button is tapped, users will be prompted to switch to the other mode, all while remaining on their call. This tool is beneficial when speakers on a call are changing, or a user is not sure who they will reach on the other end of the call. Regardless of the person on the other end, our users are able to get fast and accurate captioning. For more information on in-call caption switching, view our Help Desk article.


The pandemic has caused a major increase in video conferencing use, and InnoCaption has responded to the need by creating DeskView. With this feature, the captions from a user’s cell phone can be mirrored on their computer display, creating an immensely more seamless video call experience. Whether it be work, a family Zoom night, or a telehealth visit, we’ve made captioning available on the big(ger) screen. To get started with DeskView, check out our Help Desk article.

Let us know if you try out these features or have any questions as you use them! We’re here to help!