We are happy to announce today a major update to the InnoCaption app that creates a more seamless and intuitive user experience. The upgraded design comes with modernized features and functionality alongside the opportunity for customizations and advanced settings.

Our team began its journey of innovation in the captioned phone industry by launching the InnoCaption application in 2016. Since its inception, InnoCaption has remained the only captioned phone service that utilizes live stenographers for captioning across both iOS and Android devices. In 2019, InnoCaption became the first FCC-certified captioned phone service provider to offer users the option to use fully automatic captioning for their calls. Now in 2021, InnoCaption continues to push the envelope with an updated mobile app that offers users a truly modern user interface and a powerful set of features to maximize users’ telecommunications access.

The newly updated application adds the following features and functionality:

  • Single caption mode button that allows users to switch between captions generated by live stenographers, an English Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, or Spanish ASR engine before or even during a call;
  • Cellular calling mode for more stable connections and better audio quality during outbound calls;
  • Improved voicemail including visual voicemail, enabling users to see a list of messages and access them directly instead of listening to a voice menu, as well as remote voicemail access even without the InnoCaption app; and
  • Light and dark modes, which mirror OS system setting based on the time of day.

The InnoCaption application will still maintain the advanced features that many users have come to appreciate, such as automatic detection and filtering of spam calls and the ability to forward call audio to a landline phone while reading captions on their smartphone device.

The refreshed app interface is available on iOS immediately and the same update for Android devices will be released in the coming months. iOS users will see the app update automatically if they have auto update settings on. Otherwise, they will need to manually update the app from the App Store.

InnoCaption’s mission is to offer the best telecommunications accessibility solution to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Since launching InnoCaption in 2016, we have been fortunate to receive all sorts of feedback from our users and we continue to ask you to provide us with any suggestions, questions, or concerns – after all, our users drive our innovation. If you have any features you would like to see implemented, we would love to hear from you!

We hope you love the new look and updated features. As always, thank you for being a loyal InnoCaption user!