We love to hear how InnoCaption empowers our user community in their daily lives. Seeing how much our users value InnoCaption drives us to continue to craft the best app possible. We are so appreciative of those that take the time to provide such great feedback that we wanted to share their experiences!

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InnoCaption allows users to choose between captioning by live stenographers (CA) or automated speech recognition (ASR) software. Here is how giving users the power to choose what option works best for them has allowed our community to optimize InnoCaption:

Dana, June 2021: “Terrific and versatile! The ASR feature is very fast and good to use with standard speech, while the CA feature remains essential if the other party has nontraditional speech (like accents). I love having the Deskview option available for video calls that have a call-in option and also being able to review transcripts.”

Alexa, May 2021: “It’s taken me years to find an app that captions as well as this one – I downloaded today and used several times and it worked great with the AI captioning option! I tend to prefer AI due to the lag that comes with real-time CART captioners on phone calls. I also was able to easily set up call forwarding and voicemail. Anyways, I am super pleased so far, and this is coming from someone who NEVER uses the phone as a late-Deafened person still learning ASL. Thank you!!”

InnoCaption User, April 2021: “BEST EVER CLOSE CAPTIONING APP! It’s free, after using a TDD most of my life, this is a pleasure to use. The captioning is great, you can save important calls or delete them. It tells you if a call is spam. Highly recommend A++++”

Providing excellent customer service and tech support is essential to enable our users to maximize InnoCaption’s capabilities. Read what our users say about how our team helps to create the best experience for them:

Walt, June 2021: “I am 92, and not so tech-savvy, but this app is SO easy to use! Even better, the tech support is extraordinary. Had a problem recently and Izzy helped me by email and phone. He really cared! When I couldn’t follow his email instructions, he called me and talked me through the process, staying with me until I got it right. Love my InnoCaption! Love Izzy!”

Lucas, May 2021: “Life changing for a cochlear implant recipient. I emailed the developers and got back so quickly I was stunned. Not only did they tell me the feature I wanted already existed within the app, but they guided me on how to use it.”

Katherine, June 2019: “I cannot say enough about this app and their tech support teams which go above and beyond. I live in a rural area where the WiFi is unstable, and cell network has a weak signal. I was able to get connected and love feeling connected to the world again!. I haven’t been able to talk on the phone for years. I learned a lot about technology connectivity trials and tribulations in the process.”

Marlene, April 2021: “The only app that works for me! Perfectly answers the call, prints out what’s said, and keeps a log of phone calls. If you have trouble hearing on the phone, get this app. I’ve tried others and this one is the best, and it’s free. Also, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! If I could give it 10 stars, I would. Keep up the good work!”

InnoCaption empowers users to be independent. Hear what they say about their freedom through InnoCaption:

Beth, May 2021: “InnoCaption renders this user as independent! My family is so grateful that I am independent using the phone due to the InnoCaption app. The captioners do an outstanding job most of the time. I like being able to save transcriptions for medical records and family history; I like being able to understand and follow loved ones in conversations that used to be impossible without the app. It has given me peace of mind that if I am needed, I can support others by listening with the little bit of hearing that I have and reading what is said. Tech support is also prompt and effective. I feel as if I am among positive friends. It is such a wonderful service for me and other deaf users. I totally recommend this app and service.”

Craig, June 2021: “I’ll keep this brief as I have a sick wife at home and I’m on my way to the grocery store to get her some medicine. I’m a realtor. Therefore, as you can guess I’m, on the phone all the time. If you know what Ménière’s disease is then you know progressive fluctuating hearing loss is one of the issues with it. Talking on the phone has become increasingly difficult for me. I’ve recently found myself not wanting to accept calls because trying to hear someone is so challenging. I even wear hearing aids so the volume of the conversation is sent directly into them. Still challenging at that. I downloaded this app two days ago. I just got off the phone with s foreign client. His accent has been challenging for me to understand in person and very difficult over the phone. This app saved my relationship with him as I can now communicate normally through it. Thanks for the good work! Well done.”

Barb, May 2021: “As a Deaf person, I’m shocked how fast and accurate this app functions. I truly appreciate this app and use it 100% of the time. Very few people realize I’m using it because the response and accuracy are so high. Thanks for allowing me to function without having to admit I can’t hear a thing the caller is saying.”