We’re thrilled to launch a few new features in Deskview, a product that enables users to make calls and view captioning directly from their desktop devices making conference calls more accessible.

What is DeskView?

DeskView was initially launched in August 2020 to give our users more freedom when it comes to making phone calls. During the pandemic, some InnoCaption users were forced to telework, which, for some, meant making long conference calls. While the InnoCaption app on their mobile phones allowed them to keep up with the conversation, glancing back and forth between their mobile phone captions and the video screen created a new barrier to communication for the deaf and hard of hearing. With DeskView, InnoCaption users conveniently participate in teleconferencing directly from their home computers or personal laptops. DeskView allows our users to enjoy real-time captioning on an even bigger screen.

What is New Today?

InnoCaption is always striving to provide the most accessible solutions to our users, and we are proud to have a significant portion of our user base still active members of the workforce. It was with these users in mind that we are launching a new set of features available on DeskView. We want to ensure that our users could participate in conference calls in the same manner that a hearing person could — joining a virtual meeting by simply dialing out from their computers, for example.

Prior to our update, users who wanted to receive captions on their computer or laptop had to make an outgoing call from their InnoCaption app installed on their cell phones. Today, they don’t need to worry about their cell phones anymore —- all they have to do is log in on the InnoCaption website, bring up DeskView, and make an outgoing call directly from a desktop or laptop computer, rather than having to rely on their cell phones to originate the call, resulting in increased productivity to users who need to make work remotely.

The following new features are also available on DeskView:

  • Most connectivity devices now can be easily integrated with a computer, allowing users to immerse themselves even more while making their calls through DeskView. Hardwire connection (i.e. ethernet cable) will now also provide users with higher stability, leading to fewer connectivity issues, dropped calls, and poor audio quality.
  • Contact list upload where users are able to manually upload the contact list from their email account (i.e. – Gmail, Outlook, etc.).
  • Emergency Address List to store up to four addresses and select the current location at the beginning of the session; in the event users need to call 911 from DeskView, the address the user has selected will be provided to the 911 emergency center.
  • Additional phone features now available on the computer include access to the in-call switching feature directly from the desktop, select the user’s input and output devices (audio and microphone), and audio & microphone control.

With these new features, our users can now access work calls and services easier than ever before.

  • Conference Calls: Users can make work calls with greater convenience and ease. With a fixed screen where you can read the captions, users no longer have to toggle between their cell phone and computer screen to participate in calls, allowing more fluid and productive communication with colleagues.
  • Telehealth: As telehealth appointments grow in popularity, DeskView provides users better access to healthcare providers by helping facilitate video conference telehealth appointments.
  • Low Vision Accessible: The DeskView portal allows users to customize the caption screen color and display text in an extra-large font for easy viewing.

How to Get Started with DeskView

To get started with DeskView, reference this support desk post with step-by-step instructions or check out this video created by our Director of Regulatory Affairs, Cristina Duarte, explaining all of the features available on the latest version of DeskView!

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and want to try InnoCaption’s phone captioning service, register on our website today. Then download the InnoCaption app from the Play Store or App Store to get started. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please reach out to our support team by emailing support@innocaption.com at any time!