A message from our Co-CEO & Founder Joseph Lee

It was over a decade ago that our small team of engineers first began working on new technology that could enable faster and lower latency data communications over cellular networks. At the time, we never imagined the impact that this work would eventually have on the lives of hard of hearing individuals around the country.

After years of research and development, we were able to combine our unique technology platform with the skills of highly trained stenographers to create a live mobile captioning service unlike any other. The experience of bringing the InnoCaption app to life has been a tremendous journey and I am very thankful for the opportunity to devote my time and effort into making a real difference in the daily lives of our users.

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A message from our Co-CEO Joe Duarte

The discovery of InnoCaption and the way it changed my life led me to want to be directly involved in the development of this startup by becoming a partner with the founder Joseph Lee so that we both could deliver the most amazing technology that could help people with a hearing loss to be able to function on the phone at the same level as someone with normal hearing.

Our talented staff is constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of excellence in supporting our users and in providing superior engineering solutions to achieve even higher levels of communication accessibility. Our latest release, InnoCaption+, is now even better and presents a most powerful platform of accessibility ever developed with very unique features. I hope you have the opportunity to learn about them on our new updated website.

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