I had all but given up using telephones because I could not keep up with the conversations. The captions were too slow and were often inaccurate or misleading. I was losing social and professional connections and becoming more isolated. Then came InnoCaption. The captions come in time to keep up with the conversations and they’re much more accurate. And because they’re on my cell phone, I can have captions anywhere I go. For me, the telephone is back and I feel like I’m reconnecting to the world. Thank you

Fred W.|Fairfax, VA.

Thank you for introducing me to InnoCaption. It is the best thing that has happened to me and I wish it happened when I was 19 years old. Now I can communicate with my family, who aren’t native sign language users, who are equally excited about InnoCaption and use it to get in touch and stay in touch with me. I feel that InnoCaption has brought me closer to my family in the short period that I have used it.  I am especially thrilled to see the text to voice option. What a revolution!

Kojo Amissah, D.M. | Gallaudet University | Washington, DC

My personal struggle to hear and comprehend telephone conversations puts me at GREAT disadvantage in my job. Some days I just want to give up. I rely heavily on my iPhone but [now] with InnoCaption I have the accessibility, convenience, confidence, and mobility to use a mobile voice communication device as it was intended!

Steph B.|Madison, WI

I’ve tried apps on my iPhone to get captions with mediocre results, but InnoCaption is different. The captions follow the call and are accurate. Now when someone gives me an email or phone number, I don’t have to have it repeated. And I can recall the details [through a saved dialogue] after hanging up. If I give out my personal InnoCaption [provided] phone number, inbound calls are captioned when I answer the call. No extra steps needed. No more “Let me call you back”.

Ed O.|Buffalo Grove, IL