DeskView Brings Mobile Captioning to the Desktop

InnoCaption’s New Feature is Designed to Make Video Conference Calls Easier

As a result of the pandemic, video conferencing apps are now being used at an increased volume. Work meetings, family gatherings and doctor visits are all being held virtually and the need for accessible communication solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing has skyrocketed. InnoCaption is working hard to address these issues and we are thrilled to announce our newest feature, DeskView, which helps make video conference calls far more accessible by mirroring the captions from your phone onto a computer screen.

DeskView Key Features

Magnifying Glass

Bigger Captions

Change the size of your font as big as your eyes desire, and all on a bigger screen! The bigger captions are easier to read on long calls!


One Screen

Users can view the captions on the desktop screen directly in front of them, forgoing the need to hold up small cell phones and toggle between the two devices.

Conference call

Caller Friendly

With DeskView, captions of any call made through the InnoCaption app, including conference calls, can now appear on your computer screen, allowing users to use platforms like Zoom to stay connected. 

Watch a step-by-step tutorial on DeskView from our Co-CEO Joe Duarte.
As an executive at InnoCaption and user of the app, Joe shares his experience with our newest feature. 

Learn more about how DeskView enables those in the deaf and hard of hearing community
to stay connected with family, friends, coworkers, healthcare providers and more in our latest blog.


How to Use DeskView

After you have registered and downloaded the InnoCaption app.

Step 1

Step 1

Visit our website, click Register or Login, then click DeskView

Step 2

Step 2

Enter your InnoCaption account details and press Login

Step 3

Step 3

Click View Caption and you will see a blue pop-up window appear

Step 4

Step 4

Make a call on your phone using the InnoCaption app and see the same captions on your desktop!

Get Started with DeskView Today!

After you have registered and downloaded the InnoCaption app on your phone, launch DeskView by clicking on the blue button below from your computer browser.


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