InnoCaption FAQs

1. Who is eligible for InnoCaption service? [+]
    Anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing who wants to use their own voice to talk, but needs assistance of the service in understanding the other party.
2. Which mobile phones does InnoCaption work on? [+]
    Smartphones with an Android(OS 2.3 or higher version) or an iPhone(iOS 8.0 or higher version) except Windows or Blackberry phones. Generally, 3G and 4G smartphones from AT&T and T-Mobile, and 4G smartphones from Verizon are recommendable. Please check with your carrier as not every phone is supportive of simultaneous voice and data(SVD). For example, InnoCaption DOES NOT WORK on iPhone 4 from Verizon.
3. What is the difference between a voice and data plan and simultaneous voice and data(SVD)? [+]
    Having a voice and data plan allows an individual to make calls and use data. This is different from simultaneous voice and data(SVD) because not all phones with voice and data plans support SVD. Mobile phones which permit you to use web services while on a phone call most likely have SVD. You should check with your mobile provider if you are unsure or before purchasing a new device in order to use InnoCaption services.
4. How do I know if my phone supports SVD? [+]
    To find this out, you can do one of two things. First, try to search something in your internet browser while on a call. Second, if you are still unsure, you will need to contact your mobile carrier.
5. Can I receive a call thru the InnoCaption App? [+]
    Yes. InnoCaption provides functional equivalence, so that you can make and receive a call whenever and wherever as a mobile phone was intended, mobile, and effortless.
6. Will my new InnoCaption number be able to receive text messages? [+]
    No. Your texting capabilities will still be through your mobile number provided to you by your mobile carrier.
7. Is my conversation kept confidential? [+]
    YES. InnoCaption is a FCC regulated captioning provider with strict obligations for confidentiality with all of our customers.
8. What kind of listening devices would I be able to use? [+]
    If you have a Cochlear Implant (CI), you may directly connect a audio cable to your CI and to your phone. If you have hearing aids, using a hearing loop, BT (Bluetooth) Gateway, or a Silhouette device will allow you to experience your phone call without any ambient or outside noises.
9. Will captions be available in languages other than English? [+]
    Unfortunately, captions are only available in English at this time.
10. Can I change my InnoCaption number after being assigned it? [+]
    No, once you have a caption phone number unfortunately we are unable to change it.
11. What if I get a new mobile phone or I change my original mobile phone number? [+]
    Please email us at support@innocaption.com and we will help you.
12. What if my personal information is changed? (Ex. Address, Original mobile phone number, email, and etc.) [+]
    You can change your information at ‘MY ACCOUNT‘ menu in our web site or email us your new information at support@innocaption.com and we will help you.
13. What if I want to cancel my InnoCaption service? [+]
    You can unsubscribe it at Unsubscription page. Or you may email us at support@innocaption.com and we will assist you with the cancellation.
14. What is the difference between having my Wi-Fi turned on and having my phone connected to a Wi-Fi source? [+]
    Having Wi-Fi on means that your phone is enabled to connect to a Wi-Fi source. To actually be connected to a specific Wi-Fi network, you will need to go into your phone’s settings and connect to a Wi-Fi.
15. Can I use InnoCaption for in-person transcription or CART? [+]
    InnoCaption only provides IP-CTS. By law, InnoCaption is not and cannot be a substitute for CART or in-person transcription. FCC does differentiate between the IP CTS and CART (live-event captioning). CART provides a complete translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds for the benefit of an individual consumer or larger group in a variety of settings, including classrooms, courtrooms, religious services, conferences and so forth. CART is a fee-based service. It is stipulated in our conditional certification with FCC that InnoCaption cannot be used as a substitute for CART or for in-person transcription because those services are not covered under the TRS fund.
16. What makes InnoCaption so different from other providers? [+]
    We are the only IP-CTS provider to –
      • Use Communication Assistants (CAs) that are live stenographers instead of voice recognition technologies (i.e. dragon talk)
      • Provide seamless inbound calling
      • Provide initial connectivity capabilities that are on par with that of a hearing user
      • Deliver Captioned Voice Mail
      • Support 911 calls by providing a system for operators to access the users’location through their XY coordinates
17. My InnoCaption app does not seem to be operating properly. [+]
    A standard operating practice with today’s technology includes “rebooting” or “re-syncing”. If you are having complications with your InnoCaption app, we recommend you :
      (1) open the app;
      (2) go into Settings;
      (3) scroll down and click “Retry Activation”.
  If that does not resolve your issue, please contact customer care at support@innocaption.com.
18. I’m on Wi-Fi, but have weak or dropped calls. How can I fix this? [+]
    Sometimes when we are connected to multiple Wi-Fi sources, our phones will have weak signals. We suggest disconnecting from all current Wi-Fi sources and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi you wish to use.
19. During registration, I entered the wrong information. How can I change it? [+]
    If you entered your mobile number and your password correctly, you will be able to log back in. Otherwise, please email us at support@innocaption.com and we will be more than happy to help you
20. Understanding Simultaneous Voice and Data (SVD) [+]
    SVD is a system that will transmit and receive both voice and captioned data at the same time on your phone. InnoCaption connects your call to a live stenographer who provides captions that are transmitted over the data channel as along with the voice of the other person which is received on the voice channel. This patented technology provides you with the fastest, easiest and most accurate captioning available for your smartphone.
  Most smartphones have a voice and data plan which is needed to make and receive phone calls, while using your phone for data (Internet). Having a voice and data plan though is not the same as simultaneous voice and data. To ensure that your smartphone and mobile network carrier supports simultaneous voice and data, talk with your mobile service provider.
  Generally, SVD is supported on most of 4G LTE smartphones from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, except Sprint as its network in some area does not support SVD.
  If your phone and network carrier does not support SVD, InnoCaption can be accessed with a Wi-Fi connection where available. . However, we recommend getting a phone and mobile plan that supports SVD in order to enable you to make phone calls regardless of whether Wi-Fi is available.
21. How does InnoCaption work? [+]
    The InnoCaption App handles two things at the same time, voice (audio of the other person) and captions of the other person’s voice. In a regular phone call, all that is needed is a voice channel on your phone. In an InnoCaption call, the voice channel is used to carry your voice to the person on the other end; however, when the other person talks to you, their voice goes two places: it goes to your phone (audio), just like any phone call and to our Communication Assistant (CA), who is a live stenographer. The CA captions what is being said.
22. When is Wi-Fi needed? [+]
    • If you don’t have 4G network coverage
    • If your phone/mobile network carrier combination does not support simultaneous voice and data(SVD)
  With both voice and data channel working simultaneously, InnoCaption is able to provide you with instantaneous captioning and communication access whether it is with your phone/mobile network carrier combination or through the phone’s Wi-Fi connection.
  InnoCaption encourages a phone/mobile network carrier combination that will provide SVD, as you will have more flexibility, mobility and convenience to use InnoCaption wherever and whenever you want. When SVD is not available through your phone/mobile network carrier, InnoCaption will work with Wi-Fi (providing the data stream). However, this combination limits the flexibility, mobility and convenience of the app.
  There are times when Wi-Fi access is needed for SVD to be supported. In those situations, your smartphone will need to be actively connected to a standard Wi-Fi network.
  This can be accomplished through a public Wi-Fi that is usually unsecured with no password or a secure Wi-Fi (with a login ID & password). As long as your smartphone has the voice and data plan, and SVD is supported, InnoCaption service will be available.