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Getting Started


1. What is InnoCaption?

InnoCaption is a free real-time captioning service for the deaf or hard of hearing mobile phone user who wants to use their own voice to talk, but needs assistance hearing the other party. Through the use of our patented technology in conjunction with live stenographers, the InnoCaption app gives you the ability to use a smartphone as it was intended to be used – accessible, convenient, and mobile.
Fast! Easy! Accurate!

2. Who is eligible for InnoCaption service?

Anyone who has hearing loss necessitating use of the service.

3. Who will want to use InnoCaption?

Anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing who wants to use their own voice to talk, but needs assistance of the service in understanding the other party.

4. What is required to use InnoCaption?

InnoCaption’s technology uses both voice and data simultaneously to provide you with the fastest, easiest and most accurate captioning for your smart phone. To receive this service, make sure that your smartphone supports simultaneous voice and data on your mobile network carrier.

5. Do I need to have a voice plan for InnoCaption service?

Yes, our technology utilizes simultaneous voice and data so a voice plan as well as data is required to use the InnoCaption service. For more information about voice plans, and to make certain that your device/network combination supports simultaneous voice and data, please contact your mobile network provider directly.

6. How much does it cost to get InnoCaption service?

InnoCaption is a free mobile caption service that provides an InnoCaption phone number to its subscribers. It’s free for those who need it. Paid for pursuant to a program through the Interstate Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS) Fund.

7. Which mobile phones does InnoCaption support?

Smartphones with an Android Operating System (2.2 or higher version) or an iPhone Operating System (5.0.1 or higher version). Whichever phone you choose, it must support simultaneous voice and data. InnoCaption will not work on Windows or Blackberry phones. Please check with your carrier as not every Android or IOS phone is supportive of simultaneous voice and data.

8. What network provider do I have to use for InnoCaption service?

InnoCaption is available on almost all mobile network providers.

9. How do I get InnoCaption on my smartphone?

  • Register for InnoCaption service by completing four easy steps!
  • Immediate confirmation will be sent via email.
  • Download the InnoCaption app for your smartphone either through the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iPhone).
  • Your original cell phone number remains the same, however, you will have a new separate phone number provided by InnoCaption that can be shared with family, friends and others for captioned calls.
  • Start to make and receive calls with captioning through the InnoCaption app!

10. Is my conversation kept confidential?

Absolutely yes. InnoCaption is a FCC regulated caption provider with strict obligations for confidentiality with all of our customers. Only the captioned subscriber sees the captions. If there are two captioned subscribers making a phone call to one another, there will be a separate CA assigned to each caller.

11. What kind of listening devices would I use?

If you have a Cochlear Implant (CI), your device will have a personal audio cable that directly connects to your CI and to your phone. If you have hearing aids, using a hearing loop, BT (Bluetooth) Gateway, or a Silhouette device will allow you to experience your phone call without any ambient or outside noises. We encourage you to take advantage of whichever listening device may suit your particular need so that you have the best experience possible. If you have a Bluetooth accessory, make sure you open the InnoCaption application first and begin caption before making the link through your Bluetooth accessory.

12. My InnoCaption app does not seem to be operating properly.

A standard operating practice with today’s technology includes “rebooting” or “re-syncing.” If you are having complications with your InnoCaption app, it is our recommendation to first open the app and go into settings. Scroll down to “retry activation.” If that does not resolve your issue, please contact customer care at

13. Will I need to disable my call waiting?

For any subscribers on Sprint or Verizon, you will need to call your carrier and have your call waiting disabled.

14. Where do I find my caption number?

Your InnoCaption provided number will be under settings inside the InnoCaption app.

15. Can a Hearing Health Professional with normal hearing use this product?

No. FCC Regulations prohibits  individuals  without hearing loss from using the service, however, we will give you access to the app for demonstration purposes only with limited minutes. Please contact us through our website at

16. Will my new InnoCaption provided number be able to receive text messages?

No. Your texting capabilities will still be through your network carrier number. Your InnoCaption provided number will only be used for captioned phone calls.

17. Does InnoCaption have voice mail?

Yes, captioned voicemail is available using InnoCaption.

18. Does InnoCaption support 911 call?

Yes, you can call 911 using InnoCaption just like a hearing user.

19. Will captions be available in languages other than English?

Not at this time.

20. Can I change my caption phone number after InnoCaption assigned it?

No, once you have a caption phone number you cannot change it.

21. What if I get a new mobile phone or I change my original mobile phone number?

Please email us at and we will help you.

22. What if my personal information is changed? (Ex. Address, Original mobile phone number, email, and etc.)

You are able to log into your account on our website using your mobile carrier number and password you created when you registered. If you need further assistance, please email us at and we will help you.

23. What if I want to cancel InnoCaption service?

Please email us at We will unsubscribe you immediately and retract your caption phone number.

24. Do I need to cancel my mobile network phone number?

No. You will be assigned an InnoCaption phone number that only works on your InnoCaption application on your mobile phone.

25. How do I receive updates to my InnoCaption application?

When an update is available for your InnoCaption app, we will send you a notice via text with the link.

26. How do I know if my phone supports simultaneous voice and data?

To find this out, you can do one of two things. First, try to search something in your internet browser while on a call. Second, if you are still unsure, you will need to contact your mobile provider and they will be able to tell you if your phone does or does not support simultaneous voice and data.

27. What is the difference between having my Wi-Fi turned on and having your phone connected to a Wi-Fi source?

Having Wi-Fi on means that your phone is enabled to connect to a Wi-Fi source. To actually be connected to a specific Wi-Fi network, you will need to go into your phone’s settings and connect to the Wi-Fi.

28. I’m on Wi-Fi, but I still have weak calls or dropped calls. How can I fix this?

Sometimes when we are connected to multiple Wi-Fi sources, our phones will have weak signals. We suggest disconnecting from all current Wi-Fi sources and reconnecting to the W-Fi you wish to use.

29. What is the difference between having a voice and data plan and having a phone and carrier that support simultaneous voice and data?

Having a voice and data plan allows an individual to make calls and use data. This is different from simultaneous voice and data because not all phones with voice and data plans support simultaneous voice and data. You will need to check with your mobile provider if you are unsure.

30. What phone should I get to be able to use InnoCaption?

It is our recommendation that you research phones and carriers that best fit your need since there are so many variable such as budget, phone options, coverage your area, etc. Make certain that the device/carrier combination supports simultaneous voice and data. You will need to check with your mobile provider if you are unsure.

31. My iPhone is able to make InnoCaption calls but unable to receive calls, what would cause this?

This could be caused by “killing” your iPhone apps to conserve battery life on your phones. When you kill the InnoCaption app, you will be unable to receive calls through the app. Simply open the app to re-establish the connection in the app.

32. Will I need to turn off Google Voice to use InnoCaption on my Android phone?

Yes, Google Voice interferes with InnoCaption’s technology and will need to be turned off to use InnoCaption.

33. My phone supports simultaneous voice and data, but will I be able to make or receive a call using InnoCaption when I am a passenger in a car?

As long as your carrier’s signal is strong enough. If not, you may not get a connection or your call could be dropped. It is our recommendation to consider utilizing MiFi® or a similar Hot Spot that will help your InnoCaption experience to have a stable connection.

34. What is the difference between InnoCaption and CART?

InnoCaption only provides Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service. By law, InnoCaption is not and cannot be a substitute for CART or in-person transcription. FCC does differentiate between the IP CTS and CART (live-event captioning). CART provides a complete translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds for the benefit of an individual consumer or larger group in a variety of settings, including classrooms, courtrooms, religious services, conferences and so forth. CART is a fee-based service. It is stipulated in our conditional certification with FCC that InnoCaption cannot be used as a substitute for CART or for in-person transcription because those services are not covered under the TRS fund.

35. What makes InnoCaption so different from other Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Services?

InnoCaption’s vision is to be the industry leader in communication services through innovation, leading edge technology, unprecedented customer care and with a workforce passionate about connecting others to their world.

We are the only and/or first IP-CTS provider to –

  • Use Communication Assistants that are live stenographers
  • Provide seamless inbound calling
  • Initial connectivity that is on par to that of a hearing user
  • Deliver Captioned Voice Mail
  • Support 911 calls
  • Offer instantaneous captioning that is in step with the other person’s voice


36. Why do I have to register for InnoCaption service?

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requires that all InnoCaption subscribers be registered before using this service. After registration is complete, InnoCaption will assign your InnoCaption provided number and text you the link to download the InnoCaption app.

37. What is the self-certification and why do I need to complete it?

FCC guidelines require this form to be completed. This is necessary to protect you as an InnoCaption subscriber, preserve the integrity of our product, and help protect the Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) fund from unscrupulous activity.

38. During registration, I entered the wrong information. How can I change it?

If you entered your mobile number and your password correctly, you will be able to log back in. Otherwise, please email us at and we will help you.

39. I’m using public Wi-Fi and the webpage errors while I’m registering. What should I do?

Due to security reasons, we suggest using a secure Wi-Fi when registering for InnoCaption.