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Making and Receiving Calls

1. Do I have to make a call to a caption center in order to make or receive a call with InnoCaption?

No, you can make or receive any mobile call just like anybody else!

2. Do I need to dial the area code when making a call?

You will always need to dial the full 10 digit number when calling someone through the InnoCaption app.

3. Do I have to use the provided caption phone number for caption service?

Yes, to receive caption services, you will need to call from the InnoCaption app. It will use the provided InnoCaption phone number automatically instead of your network mobile phone number. The InnoCaption phone number will also be the number seen by those you call. By sharing your InnoCaption phone number with your family, friends and any other person, you will be able to receive calls with captions.

4. For incoming calls with caption service, does the other person need to install the InnoCaption app on their phone in order to call me?

No, they do not need to install the InnoCaption App. The only thing they need is your InnoCaption provided number. This is the number you will give to anyone that you want to communicate with on your mobile phone.

5. What if I don’t use the InnoCaption app for outgoing calls and the other person does not use my caption phone number for incoming calls?

Any outgoing or incoming calls made outside of the InnoCaption app will not have captions. If you want to receive captions on an incoming call, those calling you must dial your InnoCaption provided phone number.

6. Can I use my original contact list for InnoCaption service?

Yes, your original contact list is automatically integrated into the InnoCaption app and you can make a call through your contact list. To make a call using your contact list, press the contacts soft-key from within the InnoCaption app, choose the contact you wish to call, press their number to bring it up in the InnoCaption dialer and then press the call button.

7. Do I need to use the speaker on my phone to use InnoCaption?

Making or receiving a call with InnoCaption is defaulted to automatically activate the speaker on your android phones. If you are using an iPhone, you will need to activate your speaker before launching InnoCaption. If you do not want others to hear your conversation, you can mute the audio while on the call or use a listening device.

8. What kind of listening devices could I use?

If you have a Cochlear Implant (CI), your device will have a personal audio cable that directly connects to your CI and to your phone. If you have hearing aids, using a hearing loop, BT (Bluetooth) Gateway, or a Silhouette device will allow you to experience your phone call without any ambient or outside noises. We encourage you to take advantage of whichever listening device may suit your particular need so that you have the best experience possible. If you have a Bluetooth accessory, make sure you open the InnoCaption application first and begin caption before making the link through your Bluetooth accessory.

9. Do I need to turn Wi-Fi on my wireless phone to use InnoCaption?

If your device/carrier combination supports simultaneous voice and data, this is not necessary. The InnoCaption application uses your voice and data plan to complete the call. However, if your device/carrier combination does not support simultaneous voice and data or if your mobile network’s signal is weak, you may want to use a Wi-Fi connection.

10. I have a strong Wi-Fi, but am still unable to make a call.

Even if we have a strong Wi-Fi, it can be weakened by the number devices that are utilizing the Wi-Fi source. The more devices that are utilizing a single WiFi source, the weaker it becomes and can cause issues with stability even on a solid WiFi source.

11. I am trying to make a call using a public Wi-Fi, but it will not make a call out. Why is this?

Usually public WiFi sources are not solid sources because they can have numerous devices utilizing it. The more devices that are utilizing a single WiFi source, the weaker it becomes and can cause issues with stability even on a solid WiFi source. We also suggest that if you do not have simultaneous voice and data on your device that you use a separate mobile hotspot.

This can also be caused by the provider of the Wi-Fi requiring an agreement before having full use of their Wi-Fi. Some public Wi-Fi (hotels, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) will show a pseudo connection even if you haven’t agreed to their terms. The easiest way to check if you need to agree to their terms is to open your internet browser.

12. Will I need to turn off Google Voice off to use InnoCaption on my Android phone?

Yes, Google Voice interferes with InnoCaption’s technology and will need to be turned off to use InnoCaption.

13. My iPhone is able to make InnoCaption calls but unable to receive, what would cause this?

This could be caused by “killing” your apps to conserve battery life on your phones. When you kill the InnoCaption app, you will be unable to receive calls through the app. Simply open the app to re-establish the connection in the app.

14. How do I keep from missing the prompt asking me to launch InnoCaption app on my iPhone?

We suggest that you change your alert style for InnoCaption. To do this follow the directions below:

1) Click the ‘Settings’ icon in your iPhone’s home screen (outside of InnoCaption app)
2) Scroll to ‘Notification Center’ and click
3) Scroll to ‘InnoCaption’ and click
4) At bottom of screen you will have three options (None, Banners and Alert), click ‘Alerts’ to change that setting.

15. I have a streamer which allows any audio source to be transmitted to hearing aids using a wireless Bluetooth connection or mini jack cable.  When do I need to connect my streamer when using InnoCaption?

You will first open your InnoCaption app, make your call and when your call has connected to a Communication Assistant, you will activate your streamer.

16. How do I save a dialogue from a phone call I’ve made using InnoCaption?

First, confirm ‘Settings > Caption > Dialog Save’ being set ‘YES’. Whether using an iPhone or an Android phone, you will go to ‘Recents > (i)’ in your InnoCaption app.