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How to Use InnoCaption

InnoCaption sounds awesome! Am I eligible?

InnoCaption is for those who are deaf or hard of hearing and have a desire to use their own voice to talk, but may still need assistance in hearing the other party.


The InnoCaption app functions with virtually any smartphone that utilizes Android or iPhone operating systems.

InnoCaption requires simultaneous voice and data which is a system that will transmit and receive both voice and captioned data concurrently on your phone.  InnoCaption connects your call to a live stenographer who provides captions that are transmitted over the data channel at the same time as the voice of the other person is received on the voice channel. This patented technology provides you with the fastest, easiest and most accurate captioning available for your smartphone.

Most smartphones have a voice and data plan and this is needed so you can make and receive phone calls, while using your phone for data (Internet). Having a voice and data plan though is not the same as simultaneous voice and data. To ensure that your smartphone and mobile network carrier supports simultaneous voice and data, talk with your mobile service provider. To learn more about simultaneous voice and data, click here.

InnoCaption provides FREE  instantaneous captioning service with virtually any network provider.

Steps to get started using InnoCaption

  1. Register for InnoCaption service by completing four easy steps!
  2. Immediate confirmation will be sent via email.
  3. Download the InnoCaption app for your smartphone either through the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iPhone).
  4. Your original cell phone number remains the same, however, you will have a new separate phone number provided by InnoCaption that can be shared with family, friends and others for captioned calls.
  5. Start to make and receive calls with captioning through the InnoCaption app!

Click here for the Android User Guide and click here for the iPhone User Guide.  These will make getting started and using InnoCaption fast and easy!

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