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I’ve tried apps on my iPhone to get captions with mediocre results, but InnoCaption is different. The captions follow the call and are accurate. Now when someone gives me an email or phone number, I don’t have to have it repeated. And I can recall the details [through a saved dialogue] after hanging up. If I give out my personal InnoCaption [provided] phone number, inbound calls are captioned when I answer the call. No extra steps needed. No more “Let me call you back”.  Ed O. | Buffalo Grove, IL

We first found out about a wonderful new app that would benefit millions of us who are hearing challenged at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) National Convention in Providence, Rhode Island in June 2012. We were astounded at the speed and clarity of the transcribed word delivered to our smartphones. It was an eye-opener to say the least. Since then, we had tried out other apps with disappointing results. InnoCaption is the closest thing to a fully functional equivalency technology available to us here and now. There have been many times we wished we had this technology before when communicating with our family, friends and colleagues both in good times and in times of danger. It is here now and we couldn’t be happier with the results. After many years, we can now use smartphones in a smart manner— for us! We are communicating in a normal sense with the hearing world. We are feeling more comfortable “sailing” in the vast sea of human communications. Thank you, InnoCaption, for bringing this incredible technology into our lives and thereby enhancing it greatly.
Mark & Susan H. | Northern Virginia

I have tried them all: InnoCaption works! – I can communicate with my wife when away from home for the first time in many years. It will be wonderful if I need to go to a hospital again as I did two years ago. Dave C. | Harwick, PA

Captions come on very quickly and the quality of captions is much superior…a seamless mobile communications experience that the hearing community takes for granted and [has been] denied to deaf/HOH individuals… [InnoCaption is] just the app that can ‘unchain’ us from landline phones and set us free.   George G.

[InnoCaption] makes the telephone EQUAL to what hearing telephone users have. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE THE INVENTION OF THE TELEPHONE. This product finally does what the others CLAIM to do – offer level playing field! I want and NEED to make or receive calls to and from business associates, potential clients, showing lines, friends and family any time or place without worrying about the environment, the available technology or setting up a complicated process for either party! Would YOU want to function like that?

My personal struggle to hear and comprehend telephone conversations puts me at GREAT disadvantage in my job. Some days I just want to give up. I rely heavily on my iPhone but [now] with InnoCaption I have the accessibility, convenience, confidence, and mobility to use a mobile voice communication device as it was intended!  Steph B. | Madison, WI

A product like [InnoCaption] is in great demand for those of us who live with people with a hearing loss. Both my mother and father have a profound hearing loss and they have four hearing children. This InnoCaption technology is an APP that put my parents on the same level as hearing parents in using the cell phone. I can just call one of them as needed with questions or concerns about college life. No need to reword my statements because the words I used didn’t register with what they heard. InnoCaption is just the app that gives my folks the freedom, security and mobility they need and want.
Alexander D.

I have been deaf since I was a baby, and have never acquired word language where I could carry a conversation. I can hear pretty well with my CI and speak very well. I just need a little help. With InnoCaption, my needs [are] met! I can really have a conversation with my husband, friends and family! [If my car stalls on a busy expressway, I can call for help or if my kids need me while at work, I can be there for them 24/7 now!]  Kim M.

You may be wondering how my quality of life [is] impacted as a hearing individual by InnoCaption. It is very simple; I am able to get in touch with my parents on their cell phones no matter where they are. I am able to have a conversation about whatever I want to have a conversation with them about without the delays and misunderstandings which make it impossible to have a conversation. I can have peace of mind knowing if my parents or my siblings or I am in an accident or there is an emergency – we will all be in communication and we will get to one another. Cristina D.

I just got done setting up the app for my student, Lillie. We tried it out first using our phones and then she wanted to call her mom. You should have seen her face light up when she heard her mom’s voice and then read what she had said. Before they hung up, her mom said, “I just LOVE hearing your voice on the phone!” Lillie left saying, “I’m so happy!” It was really cool to watch her use the app for the first time. She said she is excited to share this information with her friends from school. I just wanted to thank you for walking me through this process and being so helpful. I have a feeling news of your application is going to spread fast around our campus as school starts next week!  Megan C. | Jacksonville, Illinois

Last week, I got a call on my cell phone and the caller was trying to tell me why she was confused about some forms I had signed. I sure didn’t understand what she wanted, so I asked her if I could call her back on my captioned line. Of course, she agreed. I called her back on my InnoCaption line and knew exactly what she needed, because I could see what she said. Thanks InnoCaption. I love it!
Judi C. | Everett WA

I am now REGISTERED and have my PHONE NUMBER. All is well, have made a couple to calls and it was great. Just need to use phone and learn to use it with ease. I am so glad I attended the workshops that told about InnoCaption [at the 2014 HLAA Conference]. The keynote speaker Richard Einhorn did an excellent job of talking about equipment he uses to stay connected to his family, friends and colleagues. One statement he made that stuck with me was “your smart phone should be like a Swiss Army Knife”. InnoCaption is the first piece of my Swiss Army Knife that I have opened. Carolyn P.

Just want to say MAJOR thank you for coming up with this. I have a hard time finding a phone caption [service] for me to use. I just download it [InnoCaption] and tested it and yes, [it is] very accurate. Can’t wait to spread the word!  Sara A.

I have tried other captioning phones. I wanted mobile, I wanted fast, I wanted accurate. I found nothing until InnoCaption. I found that other services made me hard of reading on top of being hard of hearing. I now have what I waited for! Ron M. | Surprise, Arizona

“It is the best thing that has happened to me in 50 plus years. (I could still hear pretty well in my 20”s) The captioning is wonderful. I am in awe. My 3 children were born with hearing loss and are going to go crazy with this. (Well two of them will I think.) My son hears well so does not need the captioning yet. I am heading to Alabama next week to visit one of my daughters. She tells me she has something from sprint but we shall see.

For the first time ever I spoke so well with one of my grandchildren because the captioning was so beautiful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Zach can’t wait to see how this works. Babba can hear on the phone was his morning mantra. ”  Marcia F. | Media, Pennsylvania


Thank you for introducing me to InnoCaption. It is the best thing that has happened to me and I wish it happened when I was 19 years old. Now I can communicate with my family, who aren’t native sign language users, who are equally excited about InnoCaption, and use it to get in touch and stay in touch with me. I feel that InnoCaption has brought me closer to my family in the short period that I have used it. I am especially thrilled to see the text to voice option. What a revolution! Thank you!   Kojo Amissah, D.M., Career Consultant, Gallaudet University | Washington, DC

Just wanted to give some love to the InnoCaption app. I was able to read and understand all that was said and it saved me on typing, lol, as I’m super slow on typing. Anyways in light of Purple [IP-] relay shutdown, this app has been a real blessing.  Donnie Thompson | Manly, Iowa

Note from InnoCaption/November 17, 2014
With some recently losing access to their Internet Protocol Relay (IP-Relay) services, InnoCaption’s Text to Speech (TTS) feature will give you the resource you need to continue communicating with the world around you with your mobile phone. While IP-Relay provides a wonderful service to many, InnoCaption’s TTS will prove to be quicker and much easier.

[Thought I would share it here as many people may not be aware about InnoCaption’s voice mail.] I think voice mail is the best part of InnoCaption as far as I am concerned. I stopped giving away my home phone number and instead use my InnoCaption number. I was always missing the voice messages at home and it would be days before I took the time to listen to them. Now coming to my cellphone is a blessing. Never miss a message. Joe D. | Washington, D.C.