InnoCaption’s Market Place

Check out our new online Market Place!  You will find in our Market Place a variety of products that will enhance your communication experience when using InnoCaption. While these products are optional and are not necessary to use the InnoCaption app, we realize that each individual has different hearing loss levels and needs. The products we will be offering are assistive devices to aid in your hearing and using the cell phone.

Our first product being offered is the iClooly Phonestand Plus for
. This product allows you to use InnoCaption from your home or work as a desk phone as well as when you are out and about. Your cell phone essentially becomes a phone that you can use at home with the InnoCaption App. It comes with a handset so that you can answer your phone as you would any other landline. No longer do you need multiple devices to communicate to friends and family and to connect to your world.

Click here to be taken to the Market Place.  More products coming soon!


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