Phone and Network Carriers Supporting Simultaneous Voice and Data

Basic Requirements of InnoCaption
1. Voice and data plan with your mobile network carrier
2. A phone and mobile network carrier combination that carries simultaneous voice and data

Simultaneous voice and data is a system that will transmit and receive both voice and captions concurrently. To provide a captioning service with virtually instantaneous and accurate captions, our phone app handles two things at the same time, voice (audio of the other person) and captions of their voice. To learn more about Simultaneous voice and data, click here.

In order to make sure InnoCaption runs the way it was designed, check the graph below for your phone and network carrier to see if it supports simultaneous voice and data. If your phone and network carrier does not support simultaneous voice and data, InnoCaption can be accessed with a Wi-Fi connection where available.

SVD Graph

Please note: The list above is confirmed as supporting simultaneous voice and data. InnoCaption does not endorse the use of specific phones or network carriers.  Due to frequent technology changes, please check with your network carrier to confirm that their phone supports simultaneous voice and data.

As more phone/network carrier combinations are confirmed or if changes are made by a network carrier, the list will be updated. If you have any questions or need support, please contact us at