Breaking the Sound Barrier

InnoCaption is revolutionizing how the deaf and hard of hearing communicate by making it possible to use the smartphone as it was intended – accessible, convenient, and mobile. Through the use of our patented technology in conjunction with live stenographers,
InnoCaption provides fast, easy, and accurate captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing who want to use their own voice to talk, but need assistance hearing the other party.

With InnoCaption those with hearing loss are able to make a call just like anybody else!

Innovative captioning for the smartphone

InnoCaption has created a streamlined process so that InnoCaption subscribers are directly connected to communication assistants with no need to login. It allows subscribers to make and receive any mobile call the same (functionally equivalent) as any hearing person.
InnoCaption is free and functions with virtually any smartphone that utilizes Android or iPhone operating systems and is available on virtually any network provider you choose!

InnoCaption provides caller ID, syncs with subscriber’s existing contact list,  interactive voice response systems, and 911 with location support. InnoCaption Voicemail with captioned messages and alerts gives the user peace of mind knowing they never have to miss a phone call again.

To use the InnoCaption app, a subscriber will need a smartphone with a voice and data plan, as well as a phone and mobile network carrier combination that carries simultaneous voice and data.  To understand how simultaneous voice and data make the InnoCaption difference,  click here.  Complete registration  and you will be set to go!


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