The New Hearing Loss Epidemic from the War on Terror

Did you know? Hearing damage is the No. 1 disability among our military veterans returning home in the fight against terror in Iraq and Afganistan, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs¹.   It is estimated that auditory injury is rising 13 to 18 percent annually with 60% of returning service members experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus or both. The number is staggering…more than 1.5 million veterans are experiencing hearing loss in 2014 alone².

Auditory injuries can occur during a one-time exposure to high-
intensity noise such as small-arms fire, improvised explosive devices, or artillery fire.  However, hearing loss for service members can also
result over long periods of exposure to loud ambient noise for 12-plus hours of work on a ship or aircraft.

Veterans Hearing Loss Epidemic

We understand that there are many hurdles our men and women face when returning from a war-torn country. Hearing loss should not be one of them.  We have a solution that will improve the quality of life for our military heroes.

Breaking the Sound Barrier for our Military Veterans

InnoCaption allows our veterans with hearing loss to communicate by making it possible to make calls just like anybody else.  InnoCaption provides instantaneous captioning which allows them to have an immediate response to the other person and with the same ease and convenience as before hearing loss.

Where hearing aids aren’t  the complete solution, we know that InnoCaption will make the difference for those with hearing loss  to communicate more effectively in the life they now lead.  When veterans are looking for a job, they will be able to make the phone calls to set up interviews without the other person ever realizing that the person they are talking to has hearing loss. Captioning is that fast.

We’d like to get this patented technology into the hands of our military heroes as soon as possible so that they can begin to connect to their world once again. If you are a veteran experiencing hearing loss, or you know a veteran who is, share InnoCaption with them!

For more information about veterans affected by hearing loss and tinnitus, see

¹ “A Fight for the Long Haul”, Hearing Health, Summer 2014, a publication of Hearing Health Foundation




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