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Understanding Simultaneous Voice and Data

Basic Requirements of InnoCaption

  1.  Voice and data plan with your mobile network carrier
  2. A phone and mobile network carrier combination that carries simultaneous voice and data.

Simultaneous voice and data is a system that will transmit and receive both voice and captioned data concurrently on your phone. InnoCaption connects your call to a live stenographer who provides captions that are transmitted over the data channel at the same time as the voice of the other person is received on the voice channel. This patented technology provides you with the fastest, easiest and most accurate captioning available for your smartphone.

Most smartphones have a voice and data plan and this is needed so you can make and receive phone calls, while using your phone for data (Internet). Having a voice and data plan though is not the same as simultaneous voice and data. To ensure that your smartphone and mobile network carrier supports simultaneous voice and data, talk with your mobile service provider.

Why is simultaneous voice and data required to operate InnoCaption on your smartphone?

To provide a captioning service with virtually instantaneous and accurate captions, our phone app has to handle two things at the same time, voice (audio of the other person) and captions of their voice. InnoCaption is the only mobile captioning service that is able to provide this!

In a normal phone call, all that is needed is a voice channel on your phone. In an InnoCaption call, the voice channel is used to carry your voice to the person on the other end, however, when the other person talks to you, their voice goes two places: it goes to your phone (audio), just like any phone call and to our Communication Assistant (CA), who is a live stenographer. The CA instantly captions what the other person is saying so you can read what they just said. Simultaneous voice and data is what makes us so unique and so easy to use. It’s what helps us to provide functional equivalence, so that you can use a cell phone as it was intended, mobile, and effortless. No more being tied to a landline and no more scheduling a call through a service. At home or on-the-go, use InnoCaption to call your friends, family members, and businesses to connect whenever and wherever. Or, they can call you…and you can just as easily pick up the phone and answer to have a great and effective conversation with InnoCaption at your service.

With InnoCaption, you get the benefit of two forms of communication – hearing what is said along with reading the instantaneous captioning. If you have complete hearing loss, the benefit of the instantaneous, accurate captioning is still there, regardless. Imagine being able to have a conversation where you are able to stay current and your input can be given at any time during the conversation in a relevant and timely manner. With the instantaneous captioning, easy two-way communication is possible with InnoCaption.