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Understanding When Wi-Fi is Needed

When do I need a Wi-Fi connection for InnoCaption?

  1.  If you don’t have 4G network coverage
  2.  If your phone/mobile network carrier combination does not support simultaneous voice and data.

With voice and data channel working simultaneously, InnoCaption is able to provide you with instantaneous captioning and communication access whether it be with your phone/mobile network carrier combination or through Wi-Fi connection.

InnoCaption encourages a phone/mobile network carrier combination that will provide simultaneous voice and data, as you will have more flexibility, mobility and convenience to use InnoCaption wherever and whenever you want. When simultaneous voice and data is not available through your phone/mobile network carrier, InnoCaption will work with Wi-Fi (providing the data stream). However, this combination limits the flexibility, mobility and convenience of the app.

There are times when Wi-Fi access is needed for simultaneous voice and data to be supported. In those situations, your smartphone will need to be actively connected to a standard Wi-Fi network.

This can be accomplished through a public Wi-Fi that is usually unsecured with no password or a secure Wi-Fi (with a login ID & password). As long as your smartphone has the voice and data plan, and simultaneous voice & data is supported, InnoCaption service will be available.

Non-Typical Situations

What if I am in a place with a network security firewall in place (i.e., government facility)?

When you work in a government or corporate secured building with a firewall in place, it may further restrict the Wi-Fi access needed for InnoCaption to operate properly. In this type of environment, additional steps are needed to use InnoCaption. Typically, these Wi-Fi networks are protected with an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized activity in this protected environment. There is a difference between having Internet Access (for surfing the web) versus having the type of unencumbered access necessary for InnoCaption to function properly.

When you have a Firewall-protected Wi-Fi environment, typical “surf the web” traffic is allowed on port 80 of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer for this type of general use activity. InnoCaption, however, uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to transmit the data layer of its captioning service.

If you work in or are visiting a Firewall-protected Wi-Fi environment and need access to your InnoCaption service, you need to contact their network administrator to request traffic access to the UDP layer. Once access is granted, confirm operation by making an outgoing phone call and have someone call you back using your InnoCaption phone number.
If you have any questions or if the network administrator has questions in regards to this need, please send an email to to get help.

An alternative solution to a Firewall-protected Wi-Fi environment, would be to use a personal Wi-Fi device, such as the Verizon MiFi, then no change is needed by the network administrator.