Urgent Message Regarding Suspension of Service from InnoCaption

To Our Loyal Subscribers:

As of Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at 9:00pm CST, InnoCaption is suspending its provision of IP Captioned Telephone Relay Service (IP CTS) because it has come to our attention there is an issue with our 911 call handling. After careful investigation we have concluded temporary suspension of service is necessary to ensure the safety of our users while we implement a solution. In order for the suspension of service to be as temporary as possible, the InnoCaption team has been working closely with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and a third party company who specializes in emergency call handling.

We at InnoCaption care deeply about the safety of our users and their ability to access emergency services. We have made extraordinary good faith efforts to prevent this suspension of service, but regretfully we were not able to do so. During this time period, consumers will not be able to place or receive calls using the InnoCaption IP CTS application. Until we temporarily suspend service, we advise our users to contact 911 using other services. We will keep users updated on our progress as we work towards resolving these issues. We assure each and every one of you that all parties involved are acting quickly to resume service and provide you with improved access to 911.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our temporary suspension please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to InnoCaption during these times. We sincerely apologize for any hardship this will cause.

Cristina Duarte
Regulatory Affairs Manager, InnoCaption



Make a phone call just like anybody else!

InnoCaption is revolutionizing how those with hearing loss communicate by making it possible to use the smartphone as it was intended – accessible, convenient, and mobile. Through the use of our patented technology in conjunction with live stenographers, InnoCaption provides fast, easy, and accurate captioning for those with hearing loss who may need assistance hearing the other party.  And now, you never have to miss a phone call again with InnoCaption’s Voicemail with captioned messages!

Innovative captioning for the smartphone

InnoCaption has created a streamlined process so that InnoCaption subscribers are directly connected to communication assistants with no need to login. It allows subscribers to make and receive any mobile call the same (functionally equivalent) as any hearing person.

InnoCaption provides caller ID, InnoCaption Voicemail, syncs with subscriber’s existing contact list and supports interactive voice response systems and 911 calls.

InnoCaption is a free mobile caption service for those with hearing loss within the United States.  Paid for pursuant to a program through the Interstate Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Fund.

What is required to use this technology

  1.  Voice and data plan with your mobile network carrier
  2.  A phone and mobile network carrier combination that carries simultaneous voice and data.

Simultaneous voice and data is a system that will transmit and receive both voice and captioned data concurrently on your phone.
InnoCaption connects your call to a live stenographer who provides captions that are transmitted over the data channel at the same time as the voice of the other person is received on the voice channel. This patented technology provides you with the fastest, easiest and most accurate captioning available for your smartphone.

Most smartphones have a voice and data plan and this is needed so you can make and receive phone calls, while using your phone for data (Internet). Having a voice and data plan though is not the same as simultaneous voice and data. To ensure that your smartphone and mobile network carrier supports simultaneous voice and data, talk with your mobile service provider. Read more here about Simultaneous Voice and Data.

InnoCaption functions with almost any smartphone that utilizes
Android or iPhone operating systems and is available on virtually any network provider you choose!

Complete registration on our website and begin using InnoCaption today!