Use a cell phone LIKE ANYONE ELSE!

InnoCaption is the ONLY mobile phone app provider that uses LIVE STENOGRAPHERS for captioning!

Requires Simultaneous Voice & Data through your mobile network provider on your smartphone.

It's free for those who need it. Paid for by the federal government through the FCC TRS Fund.

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Revolutionizing How You Connect to the World

Real-time conversations that no one knows are being captioned.

  • FAST

    --  Streamlined process that directly connects you to communication
         assistants with no need to login.
    --  InnoCaption delivers real-time captions to your smartphone within
         two seconds.

  • EASY

    --  User friendly
    --  Free 10-digit caption phone number provided
    --  Make and receive calls with the same ease as any hearing


    --  InnoCaption delivers accurate caption service with greater than
         95% accuracy with real-time stenography


    --  Caller ID
    --  Syncs with user’s existing contact list
    --  Captioned voice mail for incoming calls
    --  Supports Interactive Voice Response systems like voice mail,
         banking and utilities


    --  InnoCaption is a free service for those with hearing loss.
    --  Paid for by the federal government through the FCC TRS Fund.