InnoCaption’s accurate, real-time captions help you never miss a word. Our mobile app is packed with a variety of advanced features and customizations, including the ability to choose between live stenographers or automated speech recognition technology before or during calls.

Getting Started

Keep your existing phone number

Our patented One Number System links your existing number to our service. Set up call forwarding to have calls to your existing phone number captioned by the InnoCaption app.

Dual caption modes

We provide real-time captioning of phone calls through live stenographers and automated speech recognition software. We put you in control with the ability to switch between modes before or during calls.

Two-sided captions

Choose whether you would like captions of only the other party or your speech as well. Switch between one or two-sided captions anytime, even during a call by tapping the 3-dot menu button at the top right.

Review past call transcripts

View your past call transcripts so you never forget your important call details. Easily save or email transcripts to yourself if needed.

Captioned voicemail

See full preview transcripts of voicemail messages generated by our automated speech recognition engine. You can also have your messages re-captioned by live captioners if needed.

Personalize Your InnoCaption Experience

Select a secondary language

Our automated captioning supports many languages including Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Korean and more! Easily switch between English and your selected secondary language during calls. Find the language selector under Settings.

Customize your caption screen

Our caption screen is highly customizable with accessible color schemes and various caption fonts and sizes to ensure you can easily read and understand the text. Find this feature under Settings > Caption screen.

Type to speak

If you ever have trouble being understood by automated phone systems, use our text-to-speech feature to type responses and have them converted to speech automatically during phone calls. Find this feature by tapping the 3-dot menu at the top right during a call.

Advanced Features

Initiate a three-way call

Add a third caller during a call by selecting from your contact list or dialing a number on the keypad. Find this feature by tapping the 3-dot menu at the top right during a call.

Make captioned calls on your computer

Use your computer web browser to make and receive calls or to live stream the same captions from your phone onto a bigger screen. Great for captioning video conference calls or for people with low vision who prefer extra large captions.

Silence unknown callers

Enable this new feature if you receive a lot of spam calls and would prefer calls from unknown numbers to go straight to voicemail. Find this feature under Settings > Inbound calls.

Send audio to landline phone

View captions on your cell phone while sending the call audio to a landline phone for outbound calls. This feature is great for longer calls where you prefer to use a landline handset at home or at work to listen to audio. Find this feature under Settings > Dialer.


If you need help with anything or have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!