InnoCaption is proud to be the only call captioning app providing human assisted captioning through stenographers in addition to automated captioning technology. We utilize live stenographers (CART) to provide faster and more accurate captioning and let you choose the captioning mode that best meets your needs before or during your calls.

The importance of human assisted captioning

Artificial intelligence and automated speech-to-text engines have advanced at a rapid pace. However, these technologies are not without limitations. Poor audio quality and unique speech patterns can easily have a negative impact on the accuracy of automated captioning solutions. This is why we believe human assisted captioning, through our network of live stenographers, is an integral part of our accessibility service. Our captioners are highly trained professionals dedicated to ensuring you high accessibility during your calls. Whether it is providing non-verbal cues in a conversation, such as indicating laughter, or handling an emergency call, our stenographers are ready to help our users whenever they are needed - simply at the touch of a button.

Stenographer working from home

What is a stenographer?

Our captioners use specialized stenotype machines that allow them to ‘write’ at extremely high speeds and keep up with live conversations. Stenographers hone their skills through years of coursework and technical training at court reporting schools, as well as countless hours of practice - whether that’s in a courtroom, school, conference event or on a phone call.

InnoCaption is proud to be the only call captioning app to utilize this specialized group of technical experts to serve the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Prospective Stenographers

InnoCaption is the first and only technology company to utilize the skills and expertise of stenographers to provide captioning of cell phone calls to the deaf and hard of hearing community. To keep up with growing demand for our service, we are always looking to add qualified stenographers to our captioning platform.

Our captioners are independent contractors and must pass in-house testing and compliance requirements for regulatory purposes. If you are a real-time writer interested in helping provide accessible communications to the deaf and hard of hearing community, we would love to hear from you!

Benefits of contracting with InnoCaption:

  • Make a real difference in peoples’ lives
  • No prep before shifts and no pages after
  • Set your own schedule
  • No commutes (work from home)


  • Able to write in real-time and keep up with normal phone conversations
  • Able to work from a secure, private room with a hardwired internet connection
  • Use one of the following compatible CAT software: Case Catalyst, Eclipse, ProCAT, DigitalCAT, StenoCAT

To hear about the personal experience of one of our real-time captioners, read our blog post here.