Workplace Solutions

Take the first step towards a more accessible workplace and empower your team with InnoCaption’s business solutions. Catering to today’s dynamic work environment, our accessibility tools extend seamlessly to work phones and computers, ensuring that communication is inclusive and efficient for everyone. 

Accessible communication

InnoCaption is dedicated to helping your team reach their  potential by unlocking accessible communication. Discover the power of real-time captions with our DeskView web portal and empower your employees to make captioned calls directly from their work computers.


InnoCaption’s Business Solutions

Private and Secure

Trust in our commitment to security and compliance with HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance, guaranteeing the highest standards of data protection.

Hand holding mobile phone

Mobile Devices

The InnoCaption app is also available for work mobile devices, delivering accessible calls and communication in and out of the office.

Laptop view of InnoCaption App


Employees registered for the InnoCaption app can also utilize our DeskView web portal to make captioned calls directly from their work computers. 

Business Phones (Coming Soon)

A revolutionary captioning solution for office and business phones that enables your employees to receive captions on both incoming and outgoing calls using your existing commercial phone system.