Assistive hearing technology is at a tipping point.

 While traditional resources such as hearing aids are still popular, new app-based technologies are gaining traction. 

InnoCaption and The Hearing Journal released a new report titled: The Hearing Journal/ InnoCaption Survey: Shifting Technological Recommendations from Audiologists, on the state of assistive hearing technologies from the clinician’s perspective. This is the first report to highlight current patient perspectives, the dynamic impact clinicians have on the efficacy of assistive technology adoption, and how collaboration between providers and clinicians will play a significant role moving forward. 

The new report is based on a survey of over 700 subscribers of The Hearing Journal, the leading publication in hearing health care.

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Key findings include:

*Smartphone-based phone captioning mobile apps and in-person captioning mobile apps showed the highest increase in the proportion of clinicians who will usually or always recommend them to patients over the next five years (from 34% to 49% and from 14% to 27%, respectively). 

*Specific challenges clinicians face when recommending newer app-based captioning technologies:

      -- 51% of respondents feel that their patients aren’t technologically savvy

      -- 42% of clinicians are not familiar with the newest technologies;

      -- 39% of clinicians feel that their patients aren’t interested in the new
          captioning options or don’t have a perceived need.

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