February 23, 2024
Written by
Matt Goncalves
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February 23, 2024
Written by
Matt Goncalves
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Captivating Commercials: Our Top Picks from the Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl LVIII,  gave the sport a shakeup and kept fans gripping the edge of their seats. The game was also a milestone for Las Vegas, hosting the event for the first time at the state-of-the-art Allegiant Stadium and adding its unique flair to the Super Bowl legacy. The matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers made history by going into overtime—a rarity in Super Bowl history that added an extra layer of excitement to the already electrifying event. This unexpected turn of events kept fans glued to the game until the very last moment.

Adding to the allure of the game was the halftime show, headlined by the infamous R&B sensation, Usher, who brought his signature high energy and showmanship to the stage. His performance was a fitting match for the dazzling city of Las Vegas, known for its legendary entertainment scene and nightlife.

While the final score (KC 25 - 22 SF) immortalized the Kansas City Chiefs as this year’s champions, the buzz around the Super Bowl wasn't confined to the gameplay alone. The commercials are always a focal point of the Super Bowl experience, and once again demonstrated why this annual event is a marquee moment for advertisers worldwide. With the cost of a 30-second spot soaring to a staggering $7 million, brands pulled out all the stops to capture the attention of the millions watching. This investment reflects not just the immense reach of the event, with approximately 200 million viewers tuning in, but also the unique opportunity it presents for storytelling, brand positioning, and launching new campaigns that resonate with a global audience. From cutting-edge tech companies to beloved food and beverage brands, the commercials of Super Bowl LVIII spanned a wide array of industries, each bringing creativity and innovation to the forefront.

As we reflect on this year's Super Bowl, it's clear that the event has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that transcends sport, showcasing the best in advertising, creativity, and entertainment. In case you missed it, or maybe just aren’t ready to say goodbye to the gameday rush yet, we’ve recapped six of our favorite commercials that are certifiable must-sees.

1. Google Pixel’s “Javier in Frame”

Google Pixel's "Javier In Frame" ad is a standout because it brings attention to the importance of accessibility in technology. The ad showcases the guided frame feature, which assists individuals with low vision in framing their photos effectively. By highlighting this accessibility feature through Javier's story, Google Pixel not only promotes its product but also raises awareness about the significance of inclusivity in design and technology. This emphasis on inclusivity and empowerment through technology resonates deeply, earning it a well-deserved spot on our list of favorite ads from the Super Bowl.

2. CeraVe’s “Michael CeraVe”

CeraVe's "Michael CeraVe" ad stands out for its clever play on words and humor. By featuring actor Michael Cera in a quirky and comedic scenario, the ad effectively communicates the brand's message about skincare without taking itself too seriously. The clever integration of Michael Cera's name into the product name not only adds a touch of celebrity endorsement but also creates a memorable and lighthearted association for viewers. This witty and engaging approach to advertising, coupled with the endorsement of a popular figure like Michael Cera, makes the CeraVe ad a delightful addition to our list of favorite Super Bowl commercials.

3. Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer

The new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer stole the show during the Super Bowl, combining humor, action, and fan-favorite characters in a cinematic extravaganza. The dynamic chemistry between Deadpool and Wolverine, two beloved Marvel characters, promises an epic crossover that fans have long awaited. The trailer's clever use of humor, intense visuals, and the unexpected collaboration between the antihero Deadpool and the adamantium-clawed Wolverine not only generates immense excitement but also positions it as a standout and unforgettable moment, securing its well-deserved spot on our list of favorite Super Bowl ads.

4. “The M&M’s Almost Champions Ring of Comfort”

M&M's "The M&M's Almost Champions Ring of Comfort" ad offers a humorous and relatable take on the concept of consolation prizes, resonating with audiences for its humor and relatability. The ad humorously portrays M&M characters consoling themselves after narrowly missing out on becoming Super Bowl champions. By embracing the idea of being "almost champions" and finding solace in a comical "Ring of Comfort," the ad captures the lighthearted spirit of M&M's brand while also tapping into the collective experience of near-victory and resilience. Its clever narrative, whimsical characters, and witty execution make it a standout among Super Bowl ads, earning it a well-deserved place on our list of favorites.

5. Morgan Stanley’s E*TRADE Baby Commercial “PickleBabies”

Morgan Stanley's E*TRADE Baby Commercial, "PickleBabies," has earned a spot on the InnoCaption team's list of favorite Super Bowl ads due to its clever and humorous take on investing. The ad introduces the concept of "PickleBabies" to humorously illustrate the importance of making informed financial decisions. With its witty blend of comedy and a subtle nod to the complexities of investing, the commercial effectively captures attention while delivering a memorable message about the value of sound financial planning. The creative and engaging approach makes "PickleBabies" a standout among Super Bowl ads.

6. Dunkin’s “The DunKings”

Dunkin' Donuts' Super Bowl ad, "The DunKings," earned its spot on the InnoCaption team's favorites list for its clever play on words and sports culture. The ad humorously combines the world of dunking basketballs with Dunkin' Donuts' iconic coffee and donuts. By featuring a basketball team engaging in unconventional dunks, the commercial not only showcases Dunkin's products but also injects a dose of fun into the sports world. Its creative and entertaining approach to aligning Dunkin' with the spirit of competition makes it a standout, resonating with audiences and earning its place among our favorite Super Bowl ads.

More Highlights

Halftime Show

Usher's Apple Music performance, featuring Alicia Keys, earned a coveted spot on our list of must-see Super Bowl highlights due to its electrifying energy and captivating choreography. Usher and Alicia Keys' dynamic stage presence, coupled with their iconic hits and seamless integration of Apple Music technology, created an unforgettable spectacle for viewers. Their collaborative performance not only showcased their immense talent but also effectively promoted Apple Music, making it a standout moment from this year's Super Bowl festivities.

ASL Performance

We are thrilled to highlight Andra Day's powerful cover of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" during the Super Bowl, accompanied by the incredible American Sign Language (ASL) performance by Shaheem Sanchez. This performance not only showcased Day's exceptional vocal prowess but also emphasized inclusivity and accessibility through Sanchez's expressive ASL rendition. By featuring a performance that embraces both auditory and visual elements, we celebrate the diversity of our audience and the importance of making entertainment accessible to all. Andra Day's soulful delivery, combined with Sanchez's ASL performance, beautifully demonstrated the universal language of music, making it a standout and meaningful moment from this year's Super Bowl festivities.


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